The housing issue was resolved by 82 families of employees in Vik PG doo

The Mayor of Podgorica, Dr. Ivan Vukovic, and the director of the city company Vodovod i kanalizacija, Filip Makrid, handed over the keys to the employees of this city company today, who solved the housing issue under favorable conditions. Respecting all the measures and recommendations of the NKT that were found, five of the 82 winners attended this event.

"Thanks to the partnership between the Capital and the company Vodovod i kanalizacija, today we are handing over this modern collective housing facility for use, and in that way 82 families of our colleagues from this company will solve the housing issue under extremely favorable conditions," the Mayor pointed out. the investment exceeded three million euros in total and that all works were performed within the stipulated deadline.

"I am extremely proud of the fact that, as many times before, and this will be the practice in the coming period, the capital has shown that it cares about its employees, in this case by ceding the plot and releasing investors from the obligation to pay utility fees. supported the Capital with approximately 1,200,000 euros ", said Vukovic. He pointed out that the city administration in this way wants to thank its employees for the quality and dedicated work, among whom there are people who, after many years and decades, finally solved the housing issue in a quality way.

"This is an expression of gratitude because we all know how much the company Vodovod i kanalizacija means for the Capital and special gratitude for what you did in the past two months in extremely difficult conditions," Vukovic concluded and wished the workers good luck in their future work.

"It is my pleasure that today we symbolically mark the solution of the basic life issue for 82 workers of the company Vodovod i kanalizacija, ie the housing issue. The company Vodovod i kanalizacija, with the help of the Capital, started working on resolving this issue in 2018. With the help of the City, we managed to create preconditions for the realization of this investment, and that is the exemption from paying for land and communal equipment in the amount of 1.3 million euros, "said Makrid. He emphasized that the facility was built on a turnkey basis with the contractor Roaming Montenegro, the size of 5,100 gross square meters and cost about 3 million and 100,000 euros. "The most important thing for us is that the facility was done on time and according to quality standards. In addition to these activities, we have undertaken other activities in our domain and with 150,000 euros financed additional support work to make the price per square meter for employees as favorable as possible, which amounts to 606 euros and is significantly lower than the market price of apartments in Podgorica, "said Makrid , with the wish that the workers of the Water Supply and Sewerage use the apartments in health.

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