The realization of the project of the century for Podgorica worth over 50 million euros has begun

Works on the construction of the primary collector within the project of the century for the Capital - the construction of a wastewater treatment system worth over 50 million euros began today.


Dushko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, N.E. Aivo Orav, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, N.E. Robert Weber, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Aleksandar Drljevic, Chief Negotiator of Montenegro with the European Union, Zeljko Uljarevic, Head of the KFW Group Office for Montenegro and Veselin Kovacevic, Director of Bemax.


"I am pleased that on behalf of the Capital, I have the opportunity to greet you today, when the physical realization of the project of building a system for collecting and purifying wastewater begins, which is rightly called the project of the century for the Capital. It creates preconditions for the long-term development of Podgorica, provides permanent protection of the Morača River, groundwater and water sources in the Skadar Lake basin. With a total value of 50 million euros, this project includes four components - a primary collector over 5 kilometers long, whose construction begins today, the construction of a new 20 kilometers of sewerage network, with which we will officially start tomorrow and the construction of a new bridge on the Morača River, not far from here. which we expect to begin in the next two months. The construction of the wastewater treatment plant itself, planned for the beginning of next year ", pointed out Mayor Vukovic.


He said that this complex engineering project, created in accordance with the most modern standards in the field of environmental protection, is the crown of the joint efforts of the Government of Montenegro and the Capital. "As a result of this strategic partnership during the mandate of the current city administration, over 200 million euros will be invested in infrastructure projects within Podgorica. In that sense, I take this opportunity to thank the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, who recognized the regional and national importance of the project and in cooperation with the German KFW Bank, provided credit support of 35 million euros. We are especially proud of the fact that our partners from the European Union have recognized the importance of this project and through the investment auspices for the Western Balkans, have provided a grant of over 10 million euros for its implementation. In addition to our European partners, we also owe gratitude to KFW Bank, which provided a donation of 285,000 euros for the preparation of two studies that form an important part of the project documentation for the construction of this system, "said Vukovic.


With the conviction that, as before, the company Bemax will carry out works on the construction of the primary collector in a quality manner and on time, I take this opportunity to thank the people from the system of the Capital who are most deserving of us here today. In the first place to my deputy, Časlav Vešović, director of the company Vodovod i kanalizacija, Filip Makrid and the president of the Board of Directors of this company, Živković, and my and their predecessors who worked hard for 15 years to create preconditions for the realization of this project ", he concluded mayor.


"It is a pleasure to attend the beginning of works on the construction of the main collector within the wastewater treatment plant in Podgorica. This is a project of great importance when it comes to wastewater collection and treatment. This is an important step forward for Montenegro in preserving the environment, in line with European Union standards. And most importantly, this is a great thing for the citizens of Podgorica ", pointed out Aivo Orav, the head of the European Union delegation in Montenegro.


He reminded that about 75% of water pollution comes from household waste, and underlined that that is why it is extremely important to invest in the proper collection and treatment of wastewater, both in order to protect the health of citizens and preserve the environment. "This project is worth more than 50 million euros, of which 10 million were donated by the EU. This is a sign of concrete and continuous support for Montenegro on its path to joining the European family. The project is also supported by EU members, KFW Bank and local authorities and is an excellent example of international cooperation for the benefit of the citizens of Montenegro. I wish everyone success in the implementation of this project ", concluded Orav.


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