Project ‘’Collection and treatment of wastewater Podgorica’’

The project ‘’Collection and treatment of wastewater Podgorica’’ transcends the boundaries of our city in its significance and takes on a regional character.

The realization of this project is a huge step forward in terms of environmental protection with special reference to the Morača river watercourse, existing water sources and ground waters in Zeta plain region. 

As part of this project, the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant with sewage sludge treatment, with capacity 235,000 population equivalent is planned. 
The National Investment Commission of the Government of Montenegro has ranked this project as a priority state project in the field of environmental protection. 

The value of this project is estimated over 50.000.000 EUR. 

  • The funds from the loans were secured via German ‘’KfW’’ bank in the amount of EUR 35.000.000 through two loan agreements: Development Loan Agreement EUR 30.000.000 and Standard Loan Agreement EUR 5.000.000 (September 22, 2017). 
  • Grants from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) via Grant funds for technical support in the amount 1.145.834 EUR (including the implementation fee) (Project Financing Agreement 16.12.2016) and grant funds for investments in the amount of 9.000.000 EUR (Financing and project agreement 22.09.2017)
  • The Capital City Podgorica will provide additional funds from its own budget. 
‘’Fichtner Water and Transport GmbH Stutgart’’ Germany was chosen as the consultant for the implementation of the project, while ‘’Amplitudo’’ doo Podgorica was hired as communication consultant. 
6th February 2020 - the contract for the construction of the primary collector with the company ’’Bemax doo’’ was signed. The length of the collector is 5 km and estimated value of works is 6.6 million EUR . 

24th March 2020 - a contract was signed for the construction of a secondary sewerage network with the companies ‘’Tošković’’ doo and ‘’AG Infoplan’’ doo. The total length of the projected sewerage network is 18.5 km, while the value of the works is estimated at 3.3 million eur. 

18TH May 2020 - the works on the construction of the primary collector officially began