Social responsibility

The social responsibility that our company cherishes is best reflected in the nature of the activity we perform. By continuously improving our own business processes and performance, we strive to establish an even more efficient system that will be able to meet all the needs and requirements of our customers. We strive, at the same time, to be a significant participant in all social processes that have a developmental character. We want to share the success that comes from the quality of our business with all citizens of Podgorica and Montenegro. 

DOO ‘’ Vodovod i Kanalizacija’’ Podgorica, within its socially responsible activities, in cooperation with company’s  Board of Directors continuously provides support to healthcare institutions in Montenegro through various types of donations such as: 

1. Donation for the repair of the elevator in the main building of KCCG (Clinical Centre of Montenegro)-Podgorica in the amount of 44.327 eur

2. Donation for the purchase of a video colonoscopy and a radio wave knife in the amount 22.049 eur

3. Reconstruction of water supply network in the area of old hospital in the amount 5.000 eur

4. Donation for the repair and reconstruction of elevators in KCCG and the Institute for Children’s Diseases in the amount 18.546 eur

5. Free repairs of malfunction on the water supply and sewerage network within KCCG (Clinical Centre of Montenegro) in the amount cca 20.000 eur

6. Donation-execution of internal installations for 3 bathrooms in the dialysis department of KBC in the amount 3.100 eur

7. Donation- execution of internal installations for the rural ambulance in Beri in the amount  1.500 eur

8. Donation to the health system in fight against the coronavirus in the amount 2.500 eur