Words from the director

Dear all,


Welcome to the internet presentation of our company, which in its comfort and design is regarded as an added value bestowed to our consumers and the interested public, in order to raise the transparency of our work and the quality of communication to the highest level of modern business practice. 

I believe that most of you remember that not so long ago, when bottled water was still not in use, that we often told each other on the way back from the trip abroad that we could not wait to return to Podgorica, to drink water! This story is the best evidence of a unique quality of our local water that the nature has given to our city. Having this valued resource, we are continuously making an effort to build, reconstruct and maintain our water supply network, building a sustainable system that will be able to follow the dynamic development of Podgorica in the decades to come. 

Our concern for the available natural resources and long-term environmental protection is confirmed by the project of building a new wastewater treatment plant, the value of which exceeds 50 million EUR. The realization of this project includes the construction of primary and secondary sewerage network that will enable the connection of a large number of households that have so far used traditional methods of wastewater collection, and thus close a very important chapter of ecosystem rehabilitation important not only for our capital city, but also for the entire region of the Adriatic coast.

‘’Vodovod i kanalizacija’’ doo is a team of dedicated professionals striving  for a common mission and primary goal, which is high quality of water and services we provide to individuals, institutions, organizations and companies whose lives and activities are related to Podgorica. In the times to come, we are planning to optimize and modernize our business processes creating an environment for improving services through employees’ personal development, aware of the fact that they are our greatest strength while you are our greatest motivation. 

I hope this presentation will help us become even more accessible, and that our results will speak for themselves. 

Best regards, 

Filip Makrid,

Executive Director

Persistent work conquers all!

Marcus Aurelius